MQT Lab Services uses the highest quality testing equipment to ensure the quickest and most accurate results are provided for you.

Available testing:

  • Components testing — Includes butterfat, protein, lactose, other solids and milk urea nitrogen (mun). This is run on all regular daily samples.
  • Somatic cell count (SCC or ESCC) — is run on every daily pickup.
  • Standard plate count (SPC) — is a bacteria test that is run to measure the bacteria count at the time of milk pickup. This test is run on a Bactoscan machine and results are available the same day the milk is received. This test is also run by plating the sample. Results by plating are available after two days.
  • Preliminary Incubation Bacterial Count (PI) — is a bacteria test that is run to measure and identify bacteria counts that grow at refrigeration temperatures. This test is run on the Bactoscan machine with next-day results. These may also be plated to attain results. When plated results are available after three days.
  • Cryoscope — measures the freezing point of milk and also detects any amount of added water.
  • Antibiotics — individual cows or loads of milk can be tested as requested for several different types of antibiotics. Sensory testing using Delvo, Charm and/or Snap testing are used to detect antibiotics that may be in milk after treatment of an individual cow.

Milk testing and quality resources

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